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The fegMANIAX Archives

The Fegmaniax Archives are a sprawling, unorganized wealth of stuff, including the mailing list archives themselves, press articles, interviews, liner notes, some lyrics and transcribed stories that Robyn has written.

Mailing List Archives

Although fegmaniax was started in the Autumn of 1990, there are no archives dating from before 1993. I didn't have the foresight to keep them. If you were subscribed to the list back then and did think far enough ahead to save those posts, please contact me.

Other Stuff

The following are all text files which used to part of the old ftp-based archive maintained at fegmania.wustl.edu (and mirrored at the wonderful Music Archive at ftp.uwp.edu). Maybe someday, these will all be converted to HTML, but for now, they are as they were.

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