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fegmaniax is a mailing list for news, discussion and whatnot about Robyn Hitchcock, The Egyptians and The Soft Boys.

fegmaniax is available as both a regular list and a digest. The digest is sent out at least once per day, and sometimes more often when the list traffic is high. You may wish to consider the digest if you do not check your mail regularly, have a limit on the total number of messages you can receive or you wish to have all fegmaniax mail collected into one large file.

There is also a moderated, news-only mailing list, fegmaniax-announce. If you are only interested in news about tour dates, album releases and such, you may want to consider joining this list instead.

List administrivia is automated by majordomo and the lists are hosted at smoe.org. For assistance with majordomo, send a message with the single word, "help", in the message body to majordomo@smoe.org. You will be sent a helpfile on how to use its functions.

While fegmaniax is not moderated, posts which are germaine, thought out and coherent are encouraged. Entertaining posts are welcomed as well. "Me too" posts, unsubscription requests, other one-liners and personal messages are frowned upon. Flaming is highly disliked. I do not like or want to take an active hand in policing this list and would rather that I'm not forced to.

There is no FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions file) for fegmaniax. Why? See the next paragraph. If you wish to take this task upon yourself, feel free and let me know. I'm sure the list members will help you out.

I encourage new subscribers to take a peek at the archives as there is a wealth of information there that might answer questions that you have. On the other hand, do not feel that you shouldn't ask a question fearing that it has already been discussed - I do not want new subscribers' voices to be squelched.

Before posting for the first time, I recommend that new subscribers browse the list for a while. Get a feel for what the list's nature and members are like. This kind of courtesy goes a long way; a brash first posting is analagous to crashing a party and is not looked upon with fondness.

While by no means mandatory, new subscribers should feel free to introduce themselves if they wish. To continue the party analogy, it's nice to let the folks already here know who you are and where you are coming from.

Subscribing to the List

To start receiving mail from the list, send one of these commands in the body of a mail message to majordomo@smoe.org.

For loose mail:
subscribe fegmaniax
For the digest:
subscribe fegmaniax-digest
For news only:
subscribe fegmaniax-announce

Unsubscribing From The List

To stop receiving mail from the list, send one of these commands in the body of a mail message to majordomo@smoe.org. Make sure that you unsubscribe from the correct list -- if you receive the digest, you should unsubscribe from the digest version of the list, not the regular one.

For loose mail:
unsubscribe fegmaniax
For the digest:
unsubscribe fegmaniax-digest
For news only:
unsubscribe fegmaniax-announce

Commands in the Subject header are not processed.

If you are having trouble and want to contact a real person, please send mail to owner-fegmaniax@smoe.org.

woj <woj@smoe.org>