Glass Flesh

A Tribute to Robyn Hitchcock
performed by the voices and fingers of internet

19 selections from the two-year, three-volume, 50-song tribute project.

Coordinated by Bayard Catron
Cover by Caroline
Tray Card by Clinton Golden
Artwork by D. Teague and P. Downs
Layout and Stuff: Mark Gloster

The Tracks

  1. Prelude - John England
  2. Brenda's Iron Sledge - Kevin Z. Slick
  3. Listening to the Higsons - Mark Gloster
  4. Another Bubble - Catch23
  5. One Long Pair of Eyes - Dave Brown
  6. She Doesn't Exist - Vic Chesnutt
  7. Queen of Eyes - Bradley Skaught
  8. Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom - James Dignan and The Beaker People
  9. Old Pervert - Yammer-Jooks
  10. Trash - The Transparencies
  11. Airscape - Happy Cactus and Other Rotting Flesh
  12. Insanely Jealous - Other Days
  13. I Something You - Modest Mr Brown
  14. St. Petersburg - John Hedges
  15. Clean Steve (Knack Dennis) - Edward of Sim
  16. Balloon Man (TV Edit) - Verge
  17. Love - Meat Ruiner
  18. Flavour of Night - Nismo S. Rebrot
  19. Wax Doll - Dolph Chaney

John England

This song has been living on Bayard's voicemail for about three years.

Brenda's Iron Sledge
Kevin Z. Slick

"A great song will stand up to a lot of abuse. I like to stretch the limits of good taste whenever possible. I think that if a song has been done well one way, why repeat it? Robyn and the band did a great version of Brenda the first time around, why not take it in another direction completely?"

6 Rose Valley Road
Rose Valley, PA 19065

I have about ten albums currently available either as a solo artist or with the band Neo Pseudo. Recent releases include: "Traveler" and "I have dreams that I will be the world's tallest person and I don't want to be".

Listening to the Higsons
Mark Gloster
Aptos, California

Mark Gloster: Voice, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Production, Engineering.

Mark Gloster and Big Rubber Shark have just released their first full-length CD, entitled Monday's Lunch. Enjoy it with your favorite beverage!

7960B Soquel Av., Suite 214
Aptos, CA 95003

Another Bubble
Catch 23
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

"Another Bubble"
Recorded Oct. 1994
at Mono Valley Studio
4-track courtesy John Born

Catch23 is: Philip Clark and Kristiana Green

Write: 127 George St. Apt. 4; Fredericton, NB E3B 1J2; Canada

Send 2$ for tape and sticker.

One Long Pair of Eyes
Dave Brown

Dave Brown- vocals, acoustic guitar, arrangement, etc.
Mark Gloster- acoustic 12-string guitar, acoustic bass guitar, eng.
D. Teague- backing vocals

She Doesn't Exist
Vic Chesnutt
Athens, Georgia

Vic - vocals
Scott Stuckey - instrumentation
Dana Downs - backing vocals
produced & engineered by Scott Stuckey

Vic Chesnutt appears courtesy of
Texas Hotel Records
Box 72449 Davis, CA

Queen of Eyes
Bradley Skaught

Figured out, produced, engineered, played and mixed in about the time it takes to listen to it. I don't know all the words, but I'm sure they're really good.

Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
James Dignan
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

(5'10") Acoustic , Echoey and Twang Guitars, vocals - James Dignan
Whirly thing - Sam Campbell

James has recently released a wondrous cassette album, Partial Rapture Theory. For info, write to him at 50 Norfolk St, Dunedin, N.Z., or e-mail

Old Pervert

All instruments played by Yammer-Jooks.

Contact c/o

The Transparencies
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Daryl - guitar, keyboards
John - guitar
Caroline - bass, vox


Happy Cactus & Other Rotting Flesh

Recorded "live" to 4-track, Christmas 1990, in David Casey's bedroom in Helena, Montana USA.

The players:
Paul Montagne sings and might play guitar
Colin Meloy plays guitar
David Casey plays keyboards
Darrell Casey plays bass
Jordan Anderson plays keyboards
There may be some backing vocals by Colin and Dave (I can't recall)

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was also recorded during this 'session' with the same lineup.

Happy Cactus materialized later featuring the talents of Colin Meloy, David Casey, Deidre Casey, and Mark Schummer.

Insanely Jealous
Other Days
Boston, Massachusetts

Jeff Aufiero - Drums
Mike Breen - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Dunne - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dana Ashworth - Keyboards

Produced by Kevin Lawson and Other Days
Recorded at Blue Tones Studio, Cambridge MA on 10/12/94 and 10/13/94

For information write:

Other Days
PO Box 625
Boston, MA 02129

Note that Other Days has transmogrified into Craving Orange.

I Something You
Modest Mr. Brown

Good musicianship never hurts, but namedropping will get you anywhere.

Modest Mr. Brown - vocals, acoustic, Amiga 1200 synthesizer

Produced & engineered by MMB

St. Petersburg
John Hedges

"Though I'm primarily a guitarist, this is a keyboard-only version, fully sequenced and drowning in so much digital reverb that the details are completely inaudible on anything but the most expensive audio equipment," says John "JH3" Hedges, former Senses Bureau frontman and occasional bean-sprout packaging consultant. Recorded directly to master cassette.

(Note: this sounds great on headphones. -bc)

Clean Steve (Knack Dennis)
Edward of Sim

All instruments: Edward of Sim

c/o Marie Platt
2 Lighthurst Ave.
Chorley, Lancashire PR7 3HY

Balloon Man (Rubber Edit)
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"Verge - the band that brought you the things that aren't comes back at you with the B-movie rendition of "Balloon Man" -- you've read the book, you've seen the movies, now hear the song in glorious Flabo-vision!

CONTACT: Jeff Lawrence

Meat Ruiner
Athens, GA

Along with Kevin Slick's bluegrass "Brenda," this was one of the most-requested songs for the CD.

M.R. - Guitar, piano, cheesy keyboard, vocals & hiss
engineered & produced by M.R.
mixed by M.M.B. and S.P.

Flavor of Night
Nismo S. Rebrot
Cardiff, Wales

"Flavour of Night", "Glass Hotel" and "I Used To Say I Love You" were regurgitated, in that order, by Nismo S. Rebrot, during September and October 1994. Rawdoh T. Whirg sung and cogurgitated "I Used To Say...". Mr E., son of Ensoniq, codename SQ1+, sung most electronic voices, accompanied only by sporadic cries from TX802, daughter of Yamaha, on "I Used To Say...". All operations were performed within a stones throw, as the crow flings, from the green bells of Cardiff if if if if, Wales, UK. Thanks to Rawdoh and the University of Wales.

Wax Doll/Cynthia Mask
Dolph Chaney

Having finished 4-track recordings of 13 songs at home, Dolph is in the process of combining some of those with (gasp!) "real studio recordings" -- a first -- to comprise his first-ever CD project, New Bird. A tape of the 4-track version costs $5, but it comes with a $5 coupon toward the CD version! Whatta bargain!!! Dolph would also be glad to send you a tape of any of his first three albums, Ripples, Infinity Dogs, and Humbug Glory, or Lho Phi, a 90-minute tape of rehearsals, odds and ends that show the more electric side of his work. Located in the Atlanta area, Dolph might even brave the world of live performance later this year. Stay tuned!

Write at:

Dolph Chaney
134-D Bentley Pkwy
Woodstock, GA 30188-5543
The House o'Dolph

All songs are the property of Robyn Hitchcock. This compilation is Copyright 1996.

Glass Flesh
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