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Web Sites

The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock

The Museum is Robyn's official website. Features include news, a discography, merchandise and an assortment of photos, paintings, and drawings. Interestingly arranged, vaguely Gorey-ish, and worth the visit.

The Soft Boys

The new official Soft Boys website, launched to celebrate the release of Nextdoorland. More than just a rehash of the old Underwater Moonlight site. Features a comprehensive current press archive, a history of the band, photo galleries, discography and mp3 clips from the new record. Wheee!

Underwater Moonlight

The old official Soft Boys website, launched to coincide with the re-release of the album with the same name in March 2001. Features a news archive, Matthew Seligman's 2001 tour diary, biographical information, and more. Sadly, Steve the cat is lost to us :(.

Kimberley Rew

Kimberley Rew's official website

The Gliders

Morris Windsor's other band.

The Glass Hotel

Bayard Catron has poured his blood, sweat and tentacles into a sprawling and ever-growing site. Now in its troubled adolescence, there are all sorts of multimedia to keep you occupied for hours on end.

The Asking Tree

Ostensibly part of The Glass Hotel, but worth noting on its own as well. This site is the front-end to RobynBase -- a database which is a songography, discography, and gigography all rolled into one. A stupendous achievement.


The long lost site returns! Capuchin has done an inordinate amount of work to bring together a searchable collection of lyrics. It's really quite lovely and most useful! Huzzah!

The House of Figgy

John B. Jones is your host at the House of Figgy, a web site devoted to live aspects of Robyn's work. Look for news and new concert features -- setlists, photos, live clips, stories and songs -- every month! The House also features Chez Figaro, the Robyn Hitchcock Traders Index. Unfortunately, John has had less and less time to work on this site than he hoped; it's still kicking but it has not been updated since 1999.

The Abandoned Brain

Dave Lang spent hours poring through the Archives and extracted all sorts of selections ranging from some of the more surreal threads from the mailing list to more mundane items such as concert reviews and interviews.

robyn hitchcock is god, okay?

The site returns! Eddie Tews minces no words. Features include the giglist, setlists, a sprawling archive of articles, setlists and a large collection of photographs.

What is Fegmania?

The Great Quail's fledgling Robyn site. Lots of links, plus a list of feg homepages.

theo's place

Theo is the founder of the Robyn Hitchcock Club and also hosts the MP3 Rarities Library. In the Robyn Hitchcock section of his site, he has several virtual postcards for your e-mailing pleasure as well as a nice image collection.


Looking to find out more about Robyn Hitchcock? Well, the following links are to his entries at various music reference sites.

Interviews and Reviews

Interviews with Robyn and album/performance reviews that are scattered across the web. Some of these can also be found, along with many others, on this site in the Archives.


Audio and video, streaming and not, of Robyn performing or being interviewed:


Fegs are member of fegmaniax, the Robyn Hitchcock mailing list. They are a strange and wonderful bunch. Below are a bunch of links to sites by fegs, about fegs and for fegs.

Feg Fotos

Nick Winkworth maintains this site which chronicles the growing body of photographic evidence that various fegmaniax subscribers do more than sit around their basements, trying to figure out whether Robyn's saying Mucky or Bucky.... Horrors of horrors, these potential fiends actually meet each other in person! Learn what happens when fegs collide!

The Robyn Hitchcock Ticket Stub Gallery

A collection of scanned ticket stubs from shows by Robyn, The Egyptians and The Soft Boys. Brought to you by Stewart Russell.

The Virtual Cone Museum

Mike Runion is the Curator of the Virtual Cone Museum where many of the cones that Robyn created and sold at gigs in 1997 are on display for all to see. Don't miss the ROTOMARK!

A Globe of Fegs

Mike has also created, in his copious spare time, A Globe of Fegs -- a graphical representation of where various fegmaniax subscribers live. Very cool!

Other Forums

If the babbling on fegmaniax isn't enough for you (or is too much for you), check out these other fora for Robyn Hitchcock discussion: