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The Soft Boys
March 20, 2001
Philadelphia, PA


First Encore:

Second Encore:



From K

Man oh man, you guys in the rest of the country-- You are going to be very happy campers indeed.

Where to start?

The baby t-shirt: I am tickled, yes, pink. Last time I saw Hitchcock I actually was rude enough to give him a hard time(when he was being nice enough to sign something) about the fact that rock n roll t-shirts never fit, well, "normal" woman. If youre an E-cup or something then yeah, extra large fits just fine but for the rest of us... . Disaster, you look like your kid brother. And now?- a cute dark turqoise blue with orange edging n legend(The Soft Boys. Crab. Underwater Moonlight)prominently advertized as "baby." All I know is my size 6 carcass fits just fine in it. So fellow female fegs. Its 15 bucks. Bring cash. We must sell these out to prove that it is economically feasable to market such items. Otherwise its back into those mu-mu things that -never- shrink enough in the wash.

The concert? Right--the concert... (Must include some sort of editorial warning sign here. Very drunk. Not really coherent. Wouldnt be posting except for the fact that I really enjoy when other fegs get bombed and are a tad out of it, so--here goes...

Young Fresh Fellows. Wonderful, never seen them before. If Napster doesnt cough up their stuff I might actually, dear God, spend money on it. Its good to see middle age men who know what they're doing and do it well(this is a theme which will reoccur;-) Very funny, great "rawk" moves, great spirit and melodies with a buzz. Also lyrics I think Ill get off on when Im straight enough to properly enjoy.

The Soft Boys. I really dont know what to say. I was in the head for a great concert. I needed a great concert. And I got one. They were so on. They knew exactly what they were doing, incredible mastery on just the skill level. And then a joy on top of that, a great cascading shimmer. Guitar? Im sorry--Im such a heretic--BUT I LOVE A ROCK n ROLL BAND--I want Hitchcock with Telly(great blue)in hand, with Morris behind him, Matt on the side and Rew bouncing around like a superball. There is something escatic, bacchnal and utterly right there.

They did alot of songs. I think they came back 3 times. There wasnt one bit of dead air. I WANT A NEW ALBUM. I WANT MORE.

I wish it was ahead of me instead of behind me.

If in doubt go see them. Either it was one of the best concerts of my life or ... it was one of the best concerts of my life. Hey-- they even played a recording of Expecting To Fly after the show was all over.

From Sam Adams

It were lovely. Not to quarrel, but I wish the "baby" tees were available in grown-up sizes as well. The design (electric blue with pink ringers) is so much more fetching than the very lame black with iron-on others. I saw a woman wearing one during the show and was all excited to get one until I realized that it wouldn't possible fit my frame. Dang,

Set list: not too different from Balto, with the notable addition of "Element of Light" which was of course wonderful. As with most reunion tours, the person with the most successful solo career is the highest in the mix, which means you could hear Robyn's guitar wonderfully and Kimberley's hardly at all. A very drink friend of mine insisted on referring to K. as "Bev Bevins" after the show. Whatever that means. Two encores, nearly 100 minutes in all. Wonderful stuff. Morris looks like a Michael Palin gangster from Flying Circus, while Kimberley has clearly been working on his Nigel Tufnel lip-curl. Cant want to hear the "new direction."

Young Fresh Fellows: They covered "76 Trombones" and played "Rock n Roll Pest Control." Lovely.

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