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The Soft Boys
March 23, 2001
Hoboken, NJ


You'll Have To Go Sideways
Kingdom Of Love
I Wanna Destroy You
Old Pervert
My Mind Is Connected To Your Dreams
Underwater Moonlight
Queen Of Eyes
Human Music
Leppo And The Jooves
Sudden Town
Insanely Jealous

First Encore
Only The Stones Remain
The Bells Of Rhymney
Each Of Her Silver Wands

Second Encore
Rock And Roll Toilet
Mr. Kennedy
Face Of Death


Ferris has posted several on his website.

Mike Hooker's photos can be found at Bayard's bitmine

Kate Kwiatkowski's Maxwell's Yahoo! Photo Album


From Mike Hooker

here are some 3 am randon thoughts on the maxwells gig. great show, glad i made the trek.it was guitar heaven, some really nice work , including the bass and drums. they were just tight, and raucous. i brought my 19 yr old daughter, and she loved it. now i have to take her to irving plaza too :). she also made a nice snag, a setlist that robyn wrote out on a brown paper bag. one post show dissapointment: the set list showed astronomy domine as an encore song, but they played bells of rhymney. the also did a second encore not on the set list, face of death. very nice of them.

woj <woj@smoe.org>