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The Soft Boys
March 29, 2001
St. Andrew's Hall
Detroit, MI


You'll Have To Go Sideways
Old Pervert
Queen Of Eyes
Underwater Moonlight
Kingdom Of Love
I Wanna Destroy You
Evil Guy
Leppo And The Jooves
The Bells Of Rhymney
Sudden Town
Insanely Jealous
Human Music
Astronomy Domine
Rock'n'Roll Toilet
Mr. Kennedy
My Mind Is Connected To Your Dreams
Only The Stones Remain


From Brian Nupp

About mid way through the JWH opening act I wandered up to talk to Rick, who was selling merchandise. And there taped to the table was one cone. 2 sails curling together with one saying "nice one" and the other saying "you totally suck!" The other side had a santa claus drawning and something else. The corners say R. Hitchcock, 20001, Detroit, and something else. I will get some digi-photos of this sometime. Eddie says its the best cone he's ever seen. I'm glad to have it! Rick says there is one cone per show.

Great show!

Before the show Morris is with his family and he signs my Anglepoise lamp single. After the show, Kim and Robyn also sign it. And I get to meet Matthew, who signs my He's a Reptile 45. He totally checked out the 45, and said he hadn't seen this in a while. There is a pix of someone (Robyn?) on the cover and back of this record with a fish head mask on. Matthew tells me he once wore this at a gig in the early 80's before he joined the Thompson Twins. He said Anthoney Thistlewist (or who ever from the waterboys and Groovy Decay) played sax through it at a gig once too. I asked him where is was now, and he said he'd love to know! Matthew was really cool, I've always wanted to see him play and his personality is as smooth as his bass playing. By the way his Snail CD is really good. It mixes late 70's Bowie with electronic music tastefully (without the Trent Reznor element!).

Robyn came out and talked as long as he had things to sign. He talked about aeroplanes and how guitar solos are always different. When I got home and checked my minidiscs, I relized I never turned off my minidisc recorder after the show ended. So I heard bits of Robyn talking about these guitar solos and such. I have to go back and listen to it to see how audible it is. I bet Matthew's on there too, talking about the fish heads.

There were only about 200 to 250 people at the Detroit show. Kinda small.

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