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Robyn Hitchcock
April 7, 2002
Criminal Records
Atlanta, GA


Sleeping with Your Devil's Mask
I Got the Hots
It's All Over Now Baby Blue


From Ferris

From a second-hand source (my girlfriend) who attended the in-store at Criminal Records in Atlanta: Robyn showed up late at the record shop because of going to the wrong shop. He allegedly went to Wax and Trax. He didn't have any new CDs at the show, though he said they would be at the show.

The set:
Sleeping with Your Devil's Mask
I Got the Hots
-Unknown Dylan tune-

It was very good and very entertaining...

He didn't know where the venue for the next night was exactly and the fact that it's four miles away got the response, "that's a continent away in England. If you book a gig that far away you've got to get a hotel room across the street."

That's basically all the news: I know there's more but it just slips my mind now.

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