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Robyn Hitchcock
April 12, 2002
The Bottom Line
New York, NY


Early Show

Mexican God
I Got The Hots
A Man Has Got To Know His Limitations Briggs
Serpent At The Gates of Wisdom
Not Dark Yet (Dylan)
Heart Full Of Leaves
Linctus House
Dark Princess
Victorian Squid
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
I Often Dream Of Trains
Le Cherite (new song, possible title)

Graveyard Standing (Improv)
New Age (Velvet Underground)
One Long Pair Of Eyes

Late Show

Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
Balloon Man
It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Dylan)
You Remind Me of You
The Wind Cries Mary (Hendrix)
The Yip Song
Dark Princess
All That Money Wants (Psychedelic Furs)
My Mind Is Connected To Your Dreams
The Leopard
Raining Twilight Coast
Your Feelings Are The Last Thing To Die
The Queen Of Eyes

Linctus House
Visions Of Johanna (Dylan)
Raymond Chandler Evening


From Ferris


From Gary Assa

[Robyn] [Robyn]


From Mike Hooker

here at work on 3 hrs sleep, and i'm still stoked from last nites NYC gigs. i ve seen a fair amount of robyn gigs, and last nite heard quite a few songs i've never seen performed live, and a few others i seen him do once. great gigs, awesome vibe, a seemingly very happy robyn. my only beef( a teeny tiny one) is he didnt do an electric ripper like i am not me, or freeze.

From Max Lang

The shows were really great, although I thought the second set to be a tad too mellow. I liked the A Mans Got To Know His Limitations Briggs introduction better than I liked the song. Deni Benet was in attendance but did not play. Also, to my surprise Britta Phillips of Luna was in the audience. Luna was my last concert prior to this...just odd.

woj <woj@fegmania.org>