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Robyn Hitchcock
April 30, 2002
W. Hollywood, CA


First Set:
Mexican God
The Hots
The Leopard
4th Time Around
I Wish I Liked You
When I Was a Kid
Victorian Squid
Unprotected Love
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
The Speed of Things
Listening to the Higsons
One Long Pair of Eyes
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask

Second Set:
Robyn solo acoustic:
If You See Her, Say Hello (Dylan)
Rainy Twilight Coast

Jon Brion and an unknown bass player join. Robyn switches to electric guitar. Jon plays piano on first two songs then plays drums for rest of show.
The President
Raymond Chandler Evening

Rhett Miller joins and sings on next three songs.
Queen Elvis
Cynthia Mask
Beautiful Girl

Rhett leaves (I think)
Hey Bulldog (Beatles)
Billy (Dylan song from Pat Garrett)
Cold Turkey (Lennon)
Yer Blues (Beatles)


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