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Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations is a now-defunct fanzine which was dedicated to news, discussion and whatnot regarding Robyn Hitchcock, The Soft Boys and Kimberley Rew. It was published by Aidan Merrit and enjoyed a five issue run before disappearing.


The following articles were featured in Positive Vibrations' five issues:

Issue One

Issue Two

Issue Three

Issue Four

Issue Five

Issue Six and Seven

Issues 6 and 7, the final issues of Positive Vibrations, were to be combined into a large magazine/short book and accompanied by a book/disc complete-guide-to-robyn-hitchcock thingy. Had it been published, it would have included this transcript of The Egyptians interviewed on Modern Rock Live and an article written by Robyn discussing his trip to Rio.


Thanks to Aidan for allowing this to be made available on the net and to Jonathan Turner for doing the original work to do so.

All articles are © 1993-5 by Positive Vibrations and Aidan Merritt. They may be freely distributed, but may not be sold without the permission of the author and publisher.