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P o s i t i v e V i b r a t i o n s

Right - where were we?

OK. Robyn's reissue programme has been and gone, for better or worse. The UK tour is about to start (details on p7). I'll be at the London, and possibly the Cambridge, gigs should anyone want to buy the drinks. Anyone wants to write a review, please do. As well as the reissues mentioned before, there are also a freebie with Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine featuring two tracks by Robyn (and two by Tiny Tim, but we won't go into that), a sampler CD from Virgin featuring Statue With A Walkman plus a load of previously released tracks, the I Something You single in two formats and a 20-track sampler CD from Rhino (all previously released). Robyn's new album is out "early in the new year", according to the latest. The Surfer Ghost project seems to have died a death, with its best parts released as bits of other things (save for I Am Not Me and De Chirico Street, by far the best songs from it, which are presumably being saved as future singles or for the forthcoming album).

There is a rumour - and I stress I don't know if it's true, check with Mrs Wafflehead - that the Egyptians have split up for good. Certainly they don't seem to be doing much together at the moment.

As chart-watchers may have noticed, Kimberley's career has perked up considerably, particularly on the continent. Good luck to him - despite Walking On Sunshine, he's done some stuff that's really superb. Matthew's recording with the Popguns and with Thomas Dolby; lord knows what the others are up to nowadays.

Neither of us are writing anything for PVs at the moment, save for these last-minute introductions; I've got it going, now it's up to you. We desperately need reviews, artwork, opinions and so on - anything you want to write, I'll find a space for it. My current plan (although a lot can change in three years) is to retire from PVs after issue 10 and let someone else take it over. Please fill in the questionnaire enclosed, to let me know what sort of a magazine you want PVs to be.

I'm thinking of starting up a sister magazine or two to PVs, along the lines of Communication Blur or the early Bucketfull, as well as a possible TV Personalities 'zine (following next issue's TVPs feature). Please let me know what you think of the idea, and if there's anything you'd like to see or to write for them.

OK; I think that's it for now (and I hope you notice that for the first time PVs is out on schedule). I'm off to watch Eastenders and to paste this issue up. Hoping all your verses rhyme, and the very best of choruses too,


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