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How Do You Like This Thing?

HDYLTT is a regular feature in which people who aren't familiar with the music review the mob from a neutral standpoint. If you know someone who might be interested, get in touch...

The Bible Of Bop

Reviewed by Harin Perera

Being a sucker for a good pop song and a good bop, it was a treat to be confronted by an album with such a joyful title! If it is the "bible" of "bop" it must be packed with upbeat singalong ditties!

The opening track 'My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long' comes at you like a breath of fresh air confirming this. It's got a 60s bubblegum atmosphere with a 70s punky feel, a sound that's well maintained throughout the album. This track is by far the best, and the highlight is a powerful repeated riff with lots of "Ooh"s rather than a powerful chorus. Good harmonies are maintained right across the album.

It is always the faster songs that stand out, such as 'Hey Way Pig' and especially 'Nightmare'. The medium paced 'Fishing' and 'Nothing's Going To Change' also work well with some effective riffs and simple but effective chord changes. 'Fighting Someone's War' is quite a change. Apart from being the slowest and lengthiest track, it is fullof tempo changes and extended guitar solos etc, a bit pompous yet fitting into the scene. It is a pity 'Stomping All Over The World' doesn't live up to it's name as it is let down by a watered down tuneless chorus.

In fact, the only real critisism is that there isn't a single memorable, catchy chorus that really bites you in the right place. It takes the songs a while to grow on you.

Still, there is an overall American teenage atmosphere a-la-late 70s/early 80s created and that's no bad thing. Seven out of ten.

This article originally appeared in issue 2 of Positive Vibrations, the Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock/Kimberley Rew magazine. It may be distributed freely but may not be sold except with permission of the author or publisher.

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