[Varies between E and F#m7] 
wore a black hat
ate lots of chicken
and conquered half europe
was caught by the british
imprisoned on elba
he died on the phone

came crawling from munich
with one piece of paper
he waved at the camera
peace in our time
oh thank you herr hitler
tell that to the polish
tell that to the jews

you take your babes
up to the bathroom
and then you lead
them into the bedroom
gnarly babes
for pleasure and profit
correctly applied
could bring good results

cynthia mask
you're wearing a cynthia mask
cynthia mask
you're wearing a cynthia mask

you're dressed as yourself
you walk down the pavement
you smile like a bowl
you grin like a melon
the people that pass
they think that they know you
they're too busy thinking
to see who you are

i'll reach your lungs
like smoke in the orchard
scattered in bushes
the firemen laughing
i'll rap your hands
with personal signals
don't come to me later
come to me now

cynthia mask
you're wearing a cynthia mask
cynthia mask

cynthia mask
i know how she feels
but can't say a word because
nothing is real in here
not even her

disguise yourself
as you or another
a brick or a spider
in hunger and silence
the yawning cross
the hill full of pebbles
inside you forever
inside you is all

cynthia mask


E           C   G
in agony of pleasure
E               D
i crumble to my knees
A                  E
i lick your frozen treasure
G                D
you cup my furry bees

but one bee bubbles over
your fleshy brimming cup
it falls into the clover
and lands all downside up

it crawls across your stomach
not far above the food
that you are still digesting
inside your large intestine

and into your hydrangea
it draws its furry legs
you're crouching like a stranger
that aches to lay her eggs

in ecstacy of pressure
you quiver in the jam
while naked angels measure
a piece of rotting ham

in symphonies of jelly
you play with my disease
while back across your belly
there crawl dusty bees

man next door came round one night
to ask me for a drink
i said i didn't anymore
he said, 'that's what you think'

a tendril curled around his leg
as he got up to leave
he said, 'a friend of yours was here
but we all call him steve'

clean steve
clean steve
     D                           A
they don't come any dirtier than me
better watch out all you space cats
clean steve is a mineral man

my cousin bruce came round to stay
the father of my son
he tore apart a stethoscope
and pointed at the sun

'there's tentacles between our worlds,'
he said, 'so i believe'
i said, 'the man next door's best friend
was making videos with clean steve'

you could have knocked him down with a feather

clean steve lent me a pound
in nineteen seventy-four
that was a lot of money then
i was extremely poor

we had a party three years later
clean steve wore a robe
he brought a new nick lowe cassette
and played it in the road

clean steve
clean steve
they don't come any dirtier than me
better watch out all you space cats
clean steve is a mineral man

i called up mark ellen
but he wasn't really in
instead i talked to his wife claire
about some gigs she'd seen

clean steve was outside the house
watching both his feet
we all had dinner with him once
he gave us lots to eat

there's some real people in the world
and some who are pretend
clean steve is making videos
with the man next door's best friend

he's good at playing frisbee
and his teeth are shining bright
i think he comes from liverhead
if all my facts are right

clean steve
clean steve
they don't come any dirtier than me
better watch out all you space cats
clean steve is a mineral man

[The piano bit]
     A                                  D
+:                 C       C       D D C D  D C D F D C D F D C
K: A A G A   A G A   A G A   A G        
K: E E D E   E D E G E D E G E D

Or, for guitarists [my advice is to tune the high E and B up a 
fret, or tune G and D down a fret and capo up one]
Play with root on the D string for E and the C string for D.
[hope this isn't too confusing.]

Glass Hotel
From: james.dignan@stonebow.otago.ac.nz (James)

This is all Eve's fault :)

Some notes:

1. I've just worked out the chords, and one or two things RH MIGHT do, but I've never seen him perform this. Any help that could be given by those who have would be gratefully received.

2. I use a capo on the first fret, so that I play it in B ather than the C it seems to be in. This sounds like I'm making the chords trickier, but it's the only way I can make some of the picking structures work.

3. Talking of picking, apart from one or two rudimentary pointers, this is the chords only. I'll leave the fretwork for someone more able :)

4. There are only six chords, but they're mainly weird ones. I've given them special names for the purpose of writing them easily above the lyrics: actually played as (capo 1st) structure called

  Csus4. . . . . . .Bsus4. . . . . . .xx9870 . . . .B^    
  Csus4/Bb . . . . .Bsus4/A. . . . . .xx7870 . . . .Bx    
  Bb . . . . . . . .A. . . . . . . . .xx7650 . . . .A^    
  F. . . . . . . . .E. . . . . . . . .022100 . . . .E     
  Dm . . . . . . . .C#m. . . . . . . .446654 . . . .C#m   
  Bb . . . . . . . .A. . . . . . . . .002220 . . . .A     

5. Occasionally, B^ and A^ are played with thumb or index finger on the sixth string (7x9870 and 5x7650 respectively). Occasionally (like on the last "in a glass hotel", Bx seems to be played xx7970.

6. This isn't definitive, it's a template. Anyone who wants to improve on it, or work it out without a capo, please feel free. I'd welcome it!



B^                  Bx         B^     A^          E
Seems like you were in a glass hotel, seems like, seems like
B^                   Bx              B^    A^          E       B^
Seems like there was someone else as well, seems like, seems...
B^                  Bx            B^     A^          E
Seems like you were in your glass hotel, seems like, seems like
B^              Bx              B^    A^            E     B^
Seems like everything was going well, seems like, a dream

	 E                        C#m
Well the radio was playing in the darkness of the hall
	  A                                  E
There was someone standing with you who just wasn't there at all
And you were laughing

B^ A^ B^ A^ B^ A^ B^ A^

	 E                            C#m
Well the telephone was ringing in the corridor of blue
  A                       E
A geranium came out of it reminded me of you
And I was crying

B^                  Bx         B^     A^          E
Seems like you were in a glass hotel, seems like, seems like
B^                   Bx              B^    A^                E       B^
Seems like there was someone else as well, it seems like, it seems...

	     E                                 C#m
Well there's nothing in the future and there's nothing in the past
	 A                               E
There is only this one moment and you've got to make it last
And you were laughing
      Bx   E     B^
In a glass hotel

Then it goes into all sorts of fancy stuff based around the B^ and Bx.
Good luck!


Intro: various voicings under a droning d-string

D                                       Dmaj7
People get what they deserve

Dmaj7                                        Ami
Time is round and space is curved

Honey have you got the nerve... to be Queen

D (various suspensions)

(repeats all verses)

Emi                       D
Justify your special ways

Emi                       A7
Justify your special ways...

(Repeats all choruses)

B (high E & B strings open)
Oh, and I'll

A             D            G
sculpt you... so very hard

G               D                           A7
Oh, and I'll sculpt you... 'til you bleed.

Sweet Ghost of Light

[C] Sweet Ghost of Light
[Em] When you appear
[Am] You fall around me
[G] Everywhere

I see your face
As you pass by
As fragile as a

You jab me in
The kidneys like
A compass or an
Iron spike

I can't help
Believing in you
Because I love
The things you do

Sweet Ghost of Light
I've lived too long
I'll die for you
Inside this song

The sweetest death
That I could dream
Like petals flowing
Down the stream

And turn to blood
As they dissolve
And it's around you
I revolve

Sweet Ghost of Light
You never fail
By nothing else were
You betrayed

You fill me till
I'm empty and
You empty me like
Grains of sand

I love you more
Than anyone
Beneath the moon
Beneath the sun